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Hot Rod Heart Emblem

Price: $20 Plus tax. See Details for shipping.
In stock. Normal shipping will go out on Monday
Item Number: 2
We will pay for the return shipping to you, but you must send your object to us.
free shipping
The emblem is sized 5" wide and 2" high, stitched in red, orange, and yellow thread. We will stitch the flaming heart emblem directly onto the object you send us, provided the object can be sewn. This means the object must be accessible on both sides, and should be made of medium or high-strength non-stretch cloth.

After you order the emblem(s), we will send you our shipping label for you to send the object(s) to us at:
Hot Rod Heart, #309
27768 Santa Margarita
Mission Viejo, CA  92691.

We will send the objects back to you without additional charge, with the emblem(s) attached to the object(s) where you marked them.  Price is per emblem. Copyrighted 2008 by Robert Deshotels.